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Testimonials found on this website are actual client reviews of Milgrom & Daskam. We appreciate our clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: we cannot guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes we have achieved in past legal matters.

Having Jon Milgrom as our lawyer has given us supreme confidence that our design business is in the right hands. Not only is Jon incredibly knowledgeable about our field, he cares about us as individuals and as business owners. Whenever we have a legal issue or question, Jon responds immediately and provides strong, easy-to-understand advice on what to do next. Whether it’s trying to understand the legalese of business in general, or drafting a legal document, Jon is who we turn to. We would absolutely recommend Jon to anyone in search of a reputable, capable lawyer.

Molly McGrath, Owner/Creative Director, McGrath + McKenna Design Group


Since the moment we met Jon Milgrom at a Best for Colorado event, he felt like a friend as well as a capable lawyer. He was so generous with his legal knowledge right from the start. It’s always been clear that Jon truly has our back, having researched and recommended the best path for our success, while at times drawing upon great insight and creativity to find a solution. He’s gone out of his way to relate with us on a personal level and that, combined with his genuine enthusiasm around our products, makes working with Jon a joy that is unexpected in the legal world.

Sierra Brashear, Lioness, Moonbath


It has been a pleasure to work with Milgrom & Daskam. They are incredibly accessible, answering calls, texts, and emails at all hours. This kind of response is essential for a global company, moving fast. Additionally, the quality of the work has always been high, and we are pleased to continue to work with them in the future.

Gillian Hayes, President & CEO, AVIAÂ


I cannot imagine a more trustworthy lawyer than Jon Milgrom. His attentiveness to detail and prowess in negotiating contracts allows AGC to be represented at the highest level. Most times, even our business partners impressed. Knowing Jon is in our corner allows us to grow comfortably and scale out our operations. I would highly recommend Jon to anyone.

Loren Cardeli, Executive Director, A Growing Culture


We truly enjoy working with Jon Milgrom. He has always been not only responsive, but also pragmatic and always insightful.

Nial Barton, CEO, Wrisk


Being a new business owner, Jon Milgrom was extremely helpful in starting us off on the right foot. He helped us mold the foundation for our company and spoke openly about what to expect as we go through our start-up. Jon gave us a sense of ease and understanding that we did not have before we meet.

Jon is not only our business attorney, but a good person to have in our corner. He is diligent in his work and more importantly, thorough in his explanations of the process; which can often be overwhelming to some like myself.

The greatest part about working with Jon has been the interest he has taken in our business as a whole. He has linked us to people to network with and events to take part of. Jon truly cares about our success and company well-being.”

Justin Martinez, Counter Culture Brewery


Jon Milgrom is good at listening to legal challenges and finds a solution and strategy that is comprehensive. Jon is accessible and ready to help his clients avoid litigation down the road. He understands how to approach intellectual property work with companies like Amazon and Facebook.

Laura Bishop, Robert C. Bishop Photography


I’ve worked with John Daskam for several years now and quickly found him to be a talented advisor in a number of aspects within our businesses. His legal and business acumen provided the insight and direction to comfortably scale and grow while anticipating obstacles and identifying opportunities through a different lens. John is an invaluable lawyer for any aspiring venture, big or small.

Kenneth Monfort, Director of Development, Monfort Companies


Before we formalized our attorney-client relationship, it was clear to me that Jon wanted to see my company succeed. He is constantly thinking about who he can connect me with, points me towards resources, and goes beyond just offering advice on legal issues to being a thought-partner on business strategy.

Steve Rowe, Founder, Bond Health

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